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This site is no longer being updated. My scripts are still available to download below - but you can find the latest versions, and more, over at my new author site - with my workshops available at my improv resources site!

These scripts are all freely available for download and use under an Attribution-ShareAlike license. I’m making these script available online mainly because I’d like to see them get used and enjoyed in other school, camp, or youth theatre productions. You have my permission to download them, tweak them to meet your own needs, and perform them for free. All I ask in return is that you attribute the script to me (and my co-authors where applicable), and let me know if you're putting it on! You may also like to make a donation - recommended £20 / $30 per performance.

A New You!

Runtime: 70 mins

Cast size: 50-70


Because you can’t put a price on perfection.

Eva Young. Fashion guru, beauty expert, wealthy businesswoman, and role model for young girls across the country. Her latest TV show, A New You!, takes five teenage girls and coaches them in the ways of celebrity. The winner gets to become the host of a brand-new teen talk show. For most girls, it’s a fairytale come true; but not for Carly Plunkett, who doesn’t care about the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity. But a girl like Carly is exactly what Eva’s looking for, which is why Carly soon finds herself transported into the strange world of reality TV. Although Carly is sceptical at first, she soon discovers that there’s another side to Eva that the TV doesn’t show: a side steeped in imagination and wonder, which transports her into a fairytale of a very different kind…

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!

Treasure Island

Runtime: 80 mins

Cast size: 35-65


Fifteen men on a dead man's chest...

Those were the last words uttered by legendary pirate Captain Flint, but few dare speak them now. But to Jim, a humble innkeeper's son, those words are a call to adventure. Jim's dreams of a life at sea come true sooner than he imagines when grizzled sailor BIlly Bones dies in mysterious circumstances, entrusting Jim with a weathered treasure map. Jim finds himself swept up in a voyage across the high seas to recover Flint's untold fortunes. But Flint's former crew, led by the dastardly Long John Silver, have not forgotten the treasure and are willing to do whatever it takes to find it first. As both sides battle with spirits, savages, and long-kept secrets, their fate will be decided on Treasure Island.

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!

Cannibal King

​Runtime: 60 mins

Cast size: 25-50


If you ever get snatched, you’d better start praying they kill you straight away. Better that, than being brought before the Cannibal King…

The Cannibals live deep in the bamboo forests surrounding Freetown, ruled over by the dangerous and fearsome Cannibal King. Usually, they leave the people of Freetown alone, which is why Mayor Thripp has something more important on his mind: marrying his daughter Catherine off to Richard Oatsworth, the son of a wealthy ranch owner. However, the Cannibal King hasn’t forgotten the townsfolk, and when he strikes, both sides are sucked into conflict once again. But a moonlit meeting under a bamboo tree has consequences neither the Cannibals nor the townsfolk could ever imagine.

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!

The Spy Game

Runtime: 60 mins

Cast size: 30-50


This isn’t the end. This is just the beginning.

Cheshire Island Academy is no ordinary school. It is a top-secret school for spies, to which only the most talented students are admitted, so it’s understandable that new girl Lacie Kingsley feels a little out of place. But it soon becomes clear that she was admitted for a reason. A secret enemy is trying to bring down the Academy from the inside, and Lacie is caught in the middle of a game with hidden opponents and ever-higher stakes.

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!


Runtime: 60 mins

Cast size: 30-50


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Welcome to a world full of grammatically challenged cats with short attention spans. A world where carnivorous blue birds feast on the unwary. A world plagued by pirates and riddled with deadly viruses. A world where every step you take ensnares you more and more in a web of your own making.

            That’s right. We’ve entered the surreal and dangerous world of the Internet. Though trouble is brewing across the land; some websites are vanishing in mysterious circumstances, and some are going viral and causing havoc and destruction. Regan is sucked into the middle of this mystery and must travel across the land in a desperate bid to unravel it so that she can travel back to reality.

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!

A Perfect Storm

Runtime: 60 mins

Cast size: 25-40


Welcome to Padaraski Manor. You’re a little later than expected.

Sarah and her boyfriend Sam, a duo of con artists fleeing from the FBI, stumble into what appears to be the perfect con: swindle the fortune from an eccentric old man, Joe Padaraski, who believes Sarah to be his great-niece. But as they arrive at Uncle Joe’s manor, deep in the British countryside, a snowstorm sweeps in, trapping the pair with both Joe’s household and his bizarre guests. Sarah and Sam soon discover that they are not the one with something to hide, and soon they are fighting for survival against an unknown enemy. Meanwhile, in the neighbouring town of Little Sodbury, the combined forces of the FBI and the local police force are racing against time to uncover the mystery of Padaraski Manor before it’s too late…

Script available free of charge. Recommended donation £20 / $30 per performance. Many thanks!

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